iPhone Passcode and Disable Device
iCloud Remove Service

What is Passcode/Disable Service?: Used for iCloud removal of devices whit Passcode and Disable

iPhone showing Enter Passcode screen  

Which devices does it supports?: The following models are supported on the activation screen. ( CDMA and GSM )

IPad IPad Mini 2, Mini 3, Mini 4, Air, IPad Pro 2017, IPad 6G, 7G Supported

Which iOS versions does it supports?: Only iOS 13.x supported.

Any problems after the Passcode/Disable using?: After using this service, iCloud status will be off. ( FMI: OFF )


Unlocking Steps:

Download and Install Passcode Tool HERE

1: Put your device in Recovery Mode & Jailbreak your device

2: Connect to MacBook and Click ''Generate Removal Token''

3: Place Order Token on Passcode Service and device done instantly.

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